17 Aug 2023

We rely on many organisations and individuals to give up their time and resources in the delivery of PACES every year. In recognition of this commitment, we have developed the PACES Champion Award. Both UK and international recipients are chosen from nominations which are put forward by anyone who is involved in the exam.

16 Aug 2023

The Federation of Royal Colleges of Physicians of the UK is seeking to appoint a Deputy Director for IMPACT (Ill Medical Patients’ Acute Care and Treatment).

16 Aug 2023

The Respiratory Medicine SCE 2023/01 exam results have now been released.

Candidates can view results within MyMRCP(UK).

10 Aug 2023

We are working on plans to improve our website and value your feedback. Please take a few minutes to fill in the short survey below which will help us enhance the user experience of the website.

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10 Aug 2023

From the 2023/4 diet, delivery of the Part 1 and Part 2 will move to online, centre-based exams for our international candidates. This will replace the pencil and paper format. The application process is the same as before and the exam content and format remains unchanged, so candidates should prepare in the same way as they normally would. 

For more information on how to prepare for the exams including online practice tests, click here.

Applications for the 2023/4 Part 1 open on 14 August. 

9 Aug 2023

The Medical Oncology SCE 2023/01 exam results have now been released.

Candidates can view results within MyMRCP(UK).

27 Jul 2023

The Rheumatology SCE 2023/01 exam results have now been released.

Candidates can view results within MyMRCP(UK).

25 Jul 2023

There will be four broad prioritisation categories (see below) for allocating candidates living and working in the UK to available PACES places.

Category 1

  • In IMY3/ACCS CT3
  • 2023/2 candidates in UK centres that were cancelled

Category 2a

25 Jul 2023

As we launch PACES23 from the third diet of 2023, learn about the changes and what remains the same by joining us for our webinar at 1pm - 3pm (BST) on Friday 4 August 2023.

During the presentations, you will have the opportunity to submit questions via the question box which will then be answered by our Medical Directors during the live Q&A at the end.

Click here for more information.

30 Jun 2023

Following a recent review, our examination regulations have been updated by the MRCP(UK) Management and Policy Board.

Amendments have been made to section 3.6 covering concessionary fees and section 4.7 regarding changes to PACE. These changes apply from the 2023/03 diets. The updated version of the regulations can be found here.

Please familiarise yourself with the regulations ahead of sitting any upcoming exam.

29 Jun 2023

We have a long-standing policy to allow doctors in the UK who hold recognised refugee status to pay a reduced fee of £50 when applying to sit the Part 1 Examination.

Following a review of this policy, the Federation of Royal Colleges of Physicians of the UK has decided that this reduced fee will also apply to both the MRCP(UK) Part 2 Written and PACES examinations from the 2023/03 diets.

26 Jun 2023

The RCP has appointed Dr Rasha Mukhtar to the post of senior examiner for PACES examinations. 

Dr Mukhtar takes over the role from Dr Abdul-Majeed Salmasi who demits after four years in the role on 30 September.

19 Jun 2023

Thank you to all those who have recently reached out to MRCP(UK) about the availability of places for PACES exams in international centres. 

We fully acknowledge that the current application process can be frustrating for many, and to improve this we are undertaking an extensive Digital Transformation Programme which we expect will significantly improve the experience of the doctors and candidates whom we serve. 

16 Jun 2023

The MRCP(UK) Part 2 2023/02 exam results have now been released.

Candidates can view results by logging into their MyMRCP(UK) here.

2 Jun 2023

I am delighted to announce the appointment of Rachael O’Flynn as the Chief Executive officer for the Federation of the Royal Colleges of Physicians of the UK. Rachael has previously worked for the Federation, firstly as Head of Operations managing the delivery of the MRCP(UK) and SCE examinations, and then as the director of the

26 May 2023

The 2023 Endocrinology & Diabetes Specialty Certificate Examination is proceeding as scheduled on 14 June.

23 May 2023

We recognise and understand that many physicians in Sudan are affected by the issues caused by the ongoing conflict in the country. We continue to work closely with our delivery partners in the region to explore all available options to ensure local physicians can sit MRCP(UK) examinations, minimising delays to their training progression. Candidates who were due to sit the cancelled MRCP(UK) Part 1 Written 2023/02 exam on 19 April 2023 were automatically entered into the next diet, scheduled for 9 August 2023. We will keep all affected candidates informed should the situation change. 

19 May 2023

The MRCP(UK) Part 1 2023/02 exam results have now been released.

Candidates can view exam results by logging into their MyMRCP(UK) accounts here.

10 May 2023

Following the developing political situation in Pakistan, we are working closely with our British Council partners in both Karachi and Lahore to monitor the situation. We currently expect the exam to go ahead in Pakistan as planned. Should this change we will contact all affected candidates directly as soon as possible.

3 May 2023

The ESEGH 2023/01 exam results have now been released.

Candidates can view them in their MyMRCP(UK) accounts here.


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