11 Jan 2021

2021/1 diet of Part 2 written examination to move online for candidates sitting in the UK and international candidates who require the exam for career progression

8 Jan 2021

We had previously stated, following the recent lockdown restrictions across the UK, that we were aiming to go ahead with the Part 1 examination in Scotland.

Unfortunately, however it quickly became apparent that a number of indirect results of these restrictions meant that it would become extremely difficult to run our physical centres and that we would see a significant number of short notice cancellations with limited ability to influence this.

7 Jan 2021

As a consequence of the latest lockdown restrictions announced by the governments of the UK, the Federation of the three UK Royal Colleges of Physicians has taken the difficult but necessary decision to cancel the paper-based Part 1 examination due to take place in written centres in all four UK nations on Tuesday 12 January.

This decision does not affect those candidates who are already confirmed to sit the Part 1 examination online on 12 January. 

5 Jan 2021

We are currently reviewing the full details of the latest UK government lockdown restrictions to understand the impact these will have on the upcoming Part 1 exam on 12 January 2021 for candidates sitting in England. We will contact all candidates affected with more information as soon as possible.


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