Part 1 UK online exam - Proctor exam

We have introduced an online, computer based version of the Part 1 exam. For those taking this version, we have some guidelines and advice to help you prepare. You can also take a look at our list of frequently asked questions in the FAQ section below. 

How it works

Delivery of the exam will remain the same in terms of content and format, so you should prepare in the same way as you normally would. More information on the format can be found here.

The exam is taken via the Practique platform, where you will be monitored by an ProctorExam online invigilator in real time (referred to as a proctor). You will also be recorded and footage will be held to review later, if required.

Your IT set up 

It is important to check your set up in the conditions and location in which you intend to take the exam. Proctoring requires Chrome browser and your laptop or PCs webcam, microphone and screensharing capability. If you have experienced any issues using any of these functions, especially with a third party – for example when sharing your screen in a video call, please make sure you double check your set up and ask for advice if you are unsure. Here are some suggested tests to check your IT set up. 

Please ensure that your device meets the following specifications for more information visit the Proctorexam website – you will not be using the mobile phone app in these exams 

Minimum Device Requirements:

  • Only a desktop PC or laptop can be used; laptops should be fully charged and connected to a power source. Chromebooks, IPad, tablets and mobile phones do not meet requirements. 
  • No dual monitors are allowed. 
  • Please ensure you have the latest operating system available installed  (Mac - minimum 10.12 Sierra  and Windows - minimum Windows 7) 
  • Linux does not meet requirements. 

You will need: 

  • A working built in or external webcam and microphone (a mobile phone is NOT acceptable) 
  • A stable internet connection and sufficient bandwidth - do not use a Hotspot
  • Internet speed must be at least 2 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload 
  • Sufficient hard drive storage space minimum 20GB free space on PC/laptop  
  • Memory (RAM) 4GB minimum, 8GB recommended 
  • Web Browser with popup block disabled 
  • Chrome version 78 (minimum) – this is the only browser you can use. 

Proctorexam works using a Chrome extension which is installed during the set-up process – you can easy remove this after your exams   

Please complete checks in the same location and using the same PC / laptop you will be using to take your exam. If you are using a work/NHS laptop please check that you are able to use the webcam and screenshare with an external/third party. A working built in microphone is required. 

Practice test

There is a practice version of the Part 1 exam here for you to familiarise yourself with the exam format and the Practique system. Please see below for ID and password details.

ID: practice_ID 
Password: practice_PW

Before the exam

By Friday 8 December you will receive two emails from ProctorExam, one for the morning paper and one for the afternoon paper.  These emails will contain links to register and instructions on how to complete a system check. 

You must register and perform the system check twice – once for each exam paper. Only after you have completed the systems check for each exam paper you will receive a second set of emails containing the links to take your exam on the day. 

You will also receive a seperate email with your password and ID in the week leading up to your exam.

For further information on proctoring, download the full exam guide here.

Taking the exam

Once your ID checks have been completed and you are ready to begin the paper you will be able to click on the link to your exam. Enter your login details and start.  When the exam begins, the question numbers will appear on the left-hand side of your screen.  You will be able to access all questions from the moment you open the paper and can navigate either by using the list on the left or by clicking ‘next’ and ‘previous’ at the top right of the screen. For full guidance, see section 5.3 'Answering the paper' in our exam guide here.

Bathroom breaks are allowed if necessary. If you do take a bathroom break, please message the proctor first. You do not need to wait for the proctor to reply. The exam clock will not be stopped. 

Exam regulations 

Specific rules have been introduced for this exam. To avoid being interrupted by invigilators you should sit the exam in a suitable environment where there will be no disruptions. Any of the following violations will be recorded by the invigilator and reported back:

  • Looking at a mobile phone or tablet
  • Wearing earplugs or headphones (this will be checked by invigilators during the registration process)
  • Wearing any clothing with the ability to hide materials, i.e. hooded jumper (this will also be checked during the registration process)
  • Wearing sunglasses (unless permitted for medical reasons) or smart glasses
  • Wearing a watch
  • Continuously looking around in any direction
  • Leaving the room without permission from the invigilator
  • Looking at hands or wrists
  • Accessing web pages
  • Accessing other applications, such as Word/Excel or Windows Explorer
  • Taking screenshots of exam content
  • Other people entering the room
  • Talking to anyone outside the room
  • Using multiple screens
  • Text books or notes in exam environment (blank paper for note taking is permitted but must be destroyed at the end of the exam)
  • Using a calculator
  • Room is too dark
  • Webcam on PC/laptop angled up or having face obscured
  • Vaping or smoking

The full list of our regulations and procedures for exams can be found here.


Click here to download our FAQ document.