PACES Awards

The Federation of Royal Colleges of Physicians of the UK relies on many organisations and individuals to give up their time and resources in the delivery of PACES every year. The following awards are given in recognition of this commitment.

PACES Plaques

The inaugural plaques were awarded in 2011 to mark the ten year anniversary of PACES. The aim was to recognise those organisations who have been most involved in the examination, hosting a high number of candidates or cycles, and provide an aspirational target to new centres. 

Plaques are awarded every three years and are sent with a letter of recognition to the Medical Director, CEO and Host Examiner at each centre, from the MRCP(UK) Medical Director, Clinical Examining Board Chair, and the International Associate Medical Director for international centres.

In order to be eligible, our UK centres must have, in the previous three years, assessed more than 90 candidates or hosted the examination for seven days or more.  International centres receive a plaque if they have hosted an examination in the last three years, in recognition of capacity challenges in our overseas centres.

PACES Champions

MRCP(UK) on behalf of the Federation has developed the new PACES Champion awards to honour individuals for their commitment to PACES. One UK and one international recipient will be chosen each year from your nominations.

Nominations can be made by anyone who is involved in PACES including MRCP(UK) staff – although self-nominations will not be accepted.  The form for nomination is available at the link below. Examples of individuals who can be nominated include centre support staff, medical professionals or volunteers who do not receive direct payment for their involvement.

Nomination can be made under one or more of the following criteria: 

a. Overall contribution to PACES 
b. Longstanding dedication to PACES 
c. Contribution as a team player 
d. Positive attitude in supporting PACES 
e. Supporting PACES in challenging circumstances 

The nomination form includes a section to provide examples of the nominee’s contribution. This statement, and the supporting statement provided by a Senior Examiner, Senior Administrator or the International Associate Medical Director (IAMD), will provide the basis for the judging panel’s decision.

PACES Champions nomination form - 2018

Completed forms should be sent to the following email addresses by Monday 22 October 2018 to allow the Senior Examiner, Senior Administrator or IAMD to provide a supporting statement before the closing date for nominations on Monday 19 November 2018.

Senior Examiner/Administrator – Edinburgh:

Senior Examiner/Administrator – Glasgow:

IAMD/Senior Administrator - International:

Senior Examiner/Administrator – London: