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MRCP(UK) is not responsible for the accuracy of information on any other website detailing information regarding MRCP(UK) examinations. Please note that www.mrcpuk.org is the only authorised source of information.

The information on this website should be used as guidance for taking the MRCP(UK) Examination and Specialty Certificate Examination. It endeavours to be accurate on the day of viewing and is reviewed regularly but inevitably there will be changes to the arrangements for exam delivery. Any such changes will be set out in the News section.

For detailed information on the rules and regulations governing the MRCP(UK) and Specialty Certificate Examinations candidates are asked to consult the MRCP(UK) Regulations and Information for Candidates and Specialty Certificate Examination Regulations and Information for Candidates respectively. Any queries regarding the interpretation of the MRCP(UK) Regulations should be referred to the MRCP(UK) Central Office.

Data Protection Statement

All personal information held by the Examinations Departments of the Royal Colleges of Physicians of the UK and the MRCP(UK) Central Office will be held in accordance with the Data Protection Act of 1998. Any data collected may be exchanged between the departments of the Royal Colleges of Physicians of the UK, examination partner organisations, deaneries (or their local equivalent for international candidates) and the MRCP(UK) Central Office. Data will be used for monitoring training, research and statistical analysis, in data comparisons to verify qualifications and to prevent fraudulent activity. Data may also be shared with approved partners for purposes of providing career information and CPD opportunities. Data will not be released elsewhere without your permission.

Further to the above, trainees’ pass/fail examination results will be transferred to e-Portfolio (JRCPTB) for the purpose of monitoring progress during training; this does not apply to any candidate who has not been appointed to a core or higher specialty training programme in the UK.

If you are registered or anticipate being registered with the GMC then your personal data, including data about your exam results, will be passed to the GMC for quality assurance and research purposes and to facilitate the awarding of certificates of completion of training (CCTs). This will be a two-stage process:
 (i) Initially all candidates personal demographic data (ie. name, date of birth, year and place of graduation, but NOT the exam result) will be passed to the GMC. This is in order for the GMC to obtain the GMC numbers of the candidates who did not have them at the time of their exam. These data will only be used to identify whether a candidate is registered with the GMC and so include the GMC number in the candidate's data record.
(ii) Once a list of candidates who are registered with the GMC has been obtained via step (i), the exam data for only these candidates will be shared with the GMC.

Data from step (i) for candidates who are not registered with the GMC will not be held by the GMC once this exercise is complete.

No exam data will ever be passed to the GMC for candidates who never register with the GMC.

For further information please visit  the GMC website.