Written exams update: 24 May 2021

25 May 2021

Part 1 and Part 2

We have highlighted some important points for candidates in previous newsletters, and we include them again here as a reminder:

We are adding an additional diet for both Part 1 and Part 2 UK candidates in 2021. As a result, the dates of the exams and their application periods have been updated on our website, and are set out below for reference:

Despite the move to online remotely proctored exams in the UK and selected other areas (see below), the format of the exams remains the same: each exam consists of two papers, each 3 hours in duration, which will run on the same day. It is essential therefore that candidates remember to log in to the second paper.

All candidates are strongly encouraged to work through the sample questions on our website (Part 1 here and Part 2 here), which will give them a good idea of the kind of questions to expect when they come to take the exam.

Our exam regulations state that candidates should remain in the exam for its entire duration and not leave early. This also applies to the online exams. In entering our exams, candidates are agreeing to abide by our regulations, including this one.

When undertaking remote online exams, candidates are forbidden from having any electronic device with them which has internet capability other than the computer on which they are taking the exam. Any other electronic device which is present but has no internet access of its own, such as a WiFi hotspot device, must be declared and shown to the proctor during the process of setting up for the exam and scanning the surroundings.

Parts 1 and 2: UK

All diets in 2021 will run entirely online in the UK. Candidates who are not able to sit the online version of the exam, including those who require reasonable adjustments, should see our guidance about how to apply to sit a paper version of the exam.

Parts 1 and 2: International

Most international centres will run the exam in pencil and paper format. Selected areas, and candidates enrolled in a Federation training programme, will have an online option – candidates in those areas will be contacted directly.

Specialty Certificate Exams / European Specialty Exams

All SCE / ESE exams for 2021 are currently planned to run as scheduled, in Pearson Vue centres; details for each specialty can be found here. This page also gives dates for the contingency exams for each specialty – these will be run for candidates whose place is cancelled or who, after registration, cannot take the exam due to COVID-related reasons.


We welcome feedback. If you have specific queries relating to your online exam, please contact onlinexams@mrcpuk.org.  

For other general queries or suggestions please email Policy.Officer@mrcpuk.org.