UK MRCP(UK) Part 1

14 Aug 2020

Communications for UK based candidates

Applications for the Part 1 examination, diet 3, 2020 have now closed and currently the examination is scheduled to take place on 15 September. As well as examinations taking place in centres across the world we will for the first time also be delivering the assessment online for a selected group of candidates in the UK, prioritising those needing shielding or some reasonable adjustments. We would like to reiterate that the majority of candidates will be examined in centres using the hard copy method in the same way as normal, with appropriate physical distancing and infection control measures in place.

For the UK, the three Royal Colleges of Physicians will be running the exam at 24 different venues in a number of regions across the four nations. The future course of the COVID-19 pandemic remains very uncertain and not all regions will necessarily be affected by the pandemic in the same way. Our guidance, regulations and indeed the running of the Part 1, diet 3 of 2020, may need to adapt and change to suit the prevailing circumstances, including at short notice. 

We have developed a number of contingencies specifically for the UK if the 15 September examination date is compromised. One of these contingencies is to run another Part 1 examination in November. However, we must advise candidates that we are not accepting new applications for, nor can they switch to, this alternative date at this stage.  Should we need to move the examination, or implement any other of our contingencies, then we will contact all candidates registered to sit on 15 September to provide them with as much prior warning as possible and update the guidance on the MRCP(UK) website accordingly. Should it not be possible for candidates to sit on either the 15 September or the contingency date in November then the next diet of the Part 1 examination is scheduled to take place on 12 January 2021 for UK and international candidates.

We will keep candidates informed of any changes and would also strongly encourage you to regularly monitor the website for updates.