Positive changes to the format of the MRCP(UK) Part 2 written examination from 2018

3 Aug 2017

We are pleased to announce that the Part 2 written examination will move to a single day format from the beginning of 2018.  The new examination will consist of two, three hour papers each with 100 questions.

This change, which has been approved by the GMC, will bring benefits to trainees and the health service, reducing the cost and time of releasing candidates to sit the examination. 

Dr Chris Wilkinson, trainee representative on the AQMRC (academic quality management and research committee) said:

I am pleased that the examination burden to trainees is being reduced, without any reduction in the quality of the exam”.

Professor Andrew Elder, Medical Director of MRCP(UK) said:

"We are pleased that the GMC approved our proposal to reduce the duration of this important examination from two days to one day and believe this will be supportive to and welcomed by trainees and employers".

The dates of the examination in 2018 will be 27 March, 27 June and 24 October.  The fee for the Part 2 written examination will remain the same as that for the Part 1 written examination.

Advantages should include:

  • Candidates will pay less for accommodation and travel to take the examination;
  • Hospitals will benefit from increased service from trainees, who will be spending less time away sitting examinations;
  • It will be easier to develop the examination further in the future.

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This exam is gonna be more challenging and more demanding.Will the cut off for exam pass mark be changing?.


Hi, further information regarding the change can be found in the 2018 Part 2 FAQs.


Criminal that costs are the same


Hi, further information regarding the change can be found in the 2018 Part 2 FAQs


Hi sir,as I read part 2 exam pattern changed from 2018,I would like to know,will there be negative marking?


Hi, there will not be any negative marking for the Part 2 written examination.


I believe changing the format of the exam is more for the ease of the examiners than anyone else. It`s just two days not annual leave...I doubt hospitals and candidates were groaning under the supposed enormous strain of the two-day exam. The part 2 two-day exam is thorough, tests the breath of knowledge of the soon to be registrars and if the candidate passed, he or she felt they earned their subsequent post.

This change is just for the ease of setting just 200 and not 270 questions and it is disappointing.


Hi, further information regarding the change can be found on the 2018 Part 2 FAQs


Best of luck. .
I wish we can re evaluate passing score. .as after moving to 454 I got 450 :(


Hi, for further information regarding the change please see the Part 2 2018 FAQs


For Part 2 Written for HONG KONG applicants, it is stated:

Candidates will need to submit their applications for Hong Kong directly to the administration team for this centre.

Part 2 Written examination fee: HK$8,155 (charged in Hong Kong dollars)

For enquiries about the application process please use the contact information below:

Miss Gloria Ng
College Secretariat
Hong Kong College of Physicians
Room 603
Hong Kong Academy of Medicine Jockey Club Building
99 Wong Chuk Hang Road
Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2871 8836
Fax: +852 2556 9047

Where does the administration team for the centre refer to? Hong Kong or UK? Thanks.


Hi, the College of Entry for the Part 2 written examination for Hong Kong candidates is the Central Office in London. If you wish to apply to sit the examination in Hong Kong, you must complete a paper application and submit this, along with the payment of the fee, to Miss Gloria Ng who will then forward this onto the Central Office to be processed.


Previously total questions were 270, and now only 200, so field and variety of qusetions will be reduced which will eventually lead to poor judgement.

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