PACES exams weekly update: 30 November

30 Nov 2020

Release of results

Results have now been released for 7 examination centres and we anticipate that the results from a further 6 centres will be released next week. We are aware that waiting for results adds to anxiety and apologise for the processing delays so far. Moving forward, the additional psychometric evaluation required to assess the temporary delivery format of PACES will no longer be necessary and so release of results should not be subject to similar delays.

The table below details the anticipated release dates for the following PACES centres results. Candidates will be emailed by their respective college of entry if results for their centre are to be released earlier than the dates listed below. Candidates will be notified as soon as possible should there be any issues which could lead to further delays to the release of their results.

We also apologise for the 24 hour delay which caused results scheduled for release on Monday 23 November to be moved to Tuesday 24 November. This was because an IT issue outside our control occurred and some candidates were unable to access their results in their MyMRCP(UK) accounts. This situation was resolved in working hours but again we apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Prioritisation Criteria

Prioritisation criteria for UK PACES places in 2021/1 have now been published and are available here.

International PACES

The international application window has now closed to permit the UK applications to open. There are 11-12 international exam centres that are hoping to run between February and April. All places have now been offered to candidates. The PACES centres in Pakistan, Singapore and Ajman have now completed their 2020/3 diet with Malta due to run next month.

Application dates and provisional applications - REMINDER

Applications for UK PACES opened on Wednesday 25 November 2020 and will close on Wednesday 2 December 2020. Please note that this is for a shorter period of 1 week on this occasion. Candidates are understandably anxious about when the examinations will take place. Please be assured that we will, as per normal procedure, notify candidates 6 weeks in advance of their exam date. The first UK centres are provisionally planned to run in early February 2021.

Concerns have been raised about the financial outlay associated with provisional applications whilst awaiting exam results. We encourage all candidates, still waiting for results from 2020/3, to submit a provisional application for 2021/1 whilst they await their exam results. Payment will not be required immediately on application and we anticipate that all candidates will have received their 2020/3 examination marks before they are required to pay.

Live MRCP(UK) Twitter chats

The next PACES Twitter Q&A session is on Tuesday 8 December 2020 at 3pm GMT. We have included items which have previously come up into our FAQs, so please check the website first.


We welcome feedback. If you have specific queries relating to your exam day please contact the exams office at your College of entry.

For other general queries or suggestions please email: