New MRCP(UK) Candidate Conduct page

4 Jan 2017

A new candidate conduct page has been created on the MRCP(UK) website to provide candidates with more information about the misconduct policy. The page explains:

  • Why MRCP(UK) has a misconduct policy;
  • What is considered to constitute misconduct;
  • Actions taken by MRCP(UK) to prevent misconduct from taking place;
  • How allegations of misconduct are investigated.

The page also includes a PDF document with some case studies that demonstrate the types of misconduct MRCP(UK) has investigated.



i wanna to send my attested copy of my primary medical qualification ;
can i know how i will send it?


Once you have applied for the Part 1 written examination, an RCP code number will be assigned to your in the personal details of your MyMRCP account. Once you have been assigned an RCP code number, you will need to send the attested photocopy of your Primary Medical Qualification to us via email.


I have sent my primary medical qualification.still my account shows incomplete.what should I do


I have paid for mrcp part 1,but I received an email saying its incomplete and if the payment nd qualification is not updated it willwas be rejected.during my payment option ther was no failure in my my mrcp account also ther is no pay now option.I want to know whther it has been paid or not?but money has already been credited from my bank and I have checked it


Hi, thanks for your questions. I have spoken to colleagues in the Written Examinations Office, they advised that due to the volume of PMQs received they are still processing them. Therefore, it is likely that the email regarding an incomplete application was been sent before your PMQ was received. If your record is still showing as incomplete early next week then contact us at


I finish myMRCP account but still no rcp code
When i will recieve


Hi, colleagues in the Written Examinations Office are currently processing a large volume of queries and should be in contact with you soon regarding your RCP code.

nithiya nara name has been mispelled.where to send my original identification card copy to correct it?


Please send a copy of your Primary Medical Qualification to and ask for your name to be amended on our system; please ensure that you include your RCP code number in your email so that we can identify which candidate the document is for.


dear sir we are doctors at saudi Arabia we are suffering to much since Feb 2015 I am Appling to paces exam but unfortunately each time I was rejected early I am depressed some colleague for change and finish their mrcp but still we are waiting our turn . I have suggestion why not we increase the days of exam to be one week in each diet and increase numbers of crussals to be four instead of three . the candidate who their mrcp 2 passed 2 years and above they should have priorities than others others to be elected for paces exam and by this way we can decrease the time of waiting to take the exam thanks and best of luck. Dr hamed


Dear Dr Hamed, I will pass your suggestions on to the PACES team.

Hassan Javid

Dear sir...i want to change my name on mrcp account according to my primary medical qualification because i have recently applied for modification of name on id card according to my PMQ.I have already received an application document but now my id card name does not match will create an issue for me on the exam day...kindly reply..thanks..


Please send a copy of your Primary Medical Qualification to and ask for your name to be amended on our system; please ensure that you include your RCP code number in your email so that we can identify which candidate the document is for.


Mohammed Babike...

Dear sir, I have registered for SCE for diabetes and endocrinology last month.I have received an e-mail that my payment was received and it was successful.Since that time no more emails received.Now I am asking if I need to send my primary medical qualification before the exam or just to take this to the exam theatre . I will shall have the exam at Dubai in UAE.Thanks


As there are no eligibilty requirements for the SCEs, you will not need to send us your Primary Medical Qualification. You should receive a confirmation email from Pearson VUE with the details of your test centre 4 weeks before the date of the examination.


Hi my name is moarkinyo oyedele I am an international medical student and i would like to apply to wite the mrcp


There is guidance on how to submit an application for the Part 1 written examination available on our website.


i m trying to access my mrcp page but its not opening, the password you are sending me is not working can you send me direct access to my page or more short password on the e mail


Hi, please copy and paste the password which has been automatically generated for you into the password text box. If the problem persists, please contact the relevant College of Entry so that we can advise you further.


Hello! I applied for MRCP part1 which will be held in Sep 5, 2017. I was asked to send the Burmese version of my PMQ and so I have emailed to attaching requested documents since the last month, 22nd June to be exact! But they don't email me back if my application is accepted or not, although the application status has changed from 'received' to 'accepted' in my MRCP account since the last Friday. Yet, in the 'Incomplete items' field, 'send us the original documents' is still appearing. So, I want to know exactly if my application is accepted or not! Or still do I need to send more documents? I have sent the very authenticated PMQ attested by the notary. Will I get entered into the Exam in September?


Hi, thanks for your comment. Please provide us with your RCP code so we can look into this further.


i failed 6 times before part1uk, last one my score 527/528,how to appear in next exam if it is allowed


Hi, if you have had 6 attempts, you will need to submit an additional attempt form for any future applications.

Dr hina

I have opted for payment through draft method but I'm being asked in email from mrcp to fill some payment form instead . What is that for ? And where I would have to submit it ?


Hi, please print off the payment form and provide your details so that when we receive the bank draft, we can identify which candidate the payment is for.

Sadaf Mahmood

Dear sir
My maiden name on my degree is sadaf riaz malik and my name on my passport is sadaf mahmood ( as i changed my sir name after marriage). Do i need to submit any supporting documents with my primary medical qualification?


If the name under which you are applying for the examination is different from the name that appears on your primary medical qualification you will need to submit a certificate from the issuing university or an affidavit stating that you (in your full name) are the same person as that named on the primary medical qualification.

Dr. O Ahmed

I have paid for Mrcp part 1, and l sent my PMQ
But, I received an email saying: my application is rejected:(
I’m asking for refund ??
Kindly replay ; thanks


Please email us and provide us with your details so that we can advise you further; if your application has been rejected, you will not be eligible for a refund of the fee.


Hi. I made my mrcp account last year but i’ve still not been assigned the RCP code. I’ve recently updated my personal information yet no code. How / when will i receive it?


You will be assigned an RCP code number once you have applied for an examination with us.



I am appearing for the mrcp part1 exam in oman. Just noticed an error in my name spelling. Who should i contact.

Can you please pass me email id and phone number to contact for the rectification.


Please email us at and send us a scanned copy of your identification.

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