MRCP(UK) PACES - Read about a trainee's experience taking PACES

15 Dec 2016

Read a very personal account from a UK trainee about how he failed PACES the first time round and how this experience affected him. The trainee explains how he prepared for PACES and the lessons he learned after failing. 

"They say you need a good few months’ solid revision to have any chance of passing PACES. I started preparing in time, and used the time I had as best I could. Books got me through Parts 1 and 2, so why not again?"

"Click, click, FAIL. Oh no, what will my friends think?"

"I worked hard at picking up physical signs, which was what I’d failed on." 

"I formed a group with other trainees... which meant we could assess each other and share our patients and contacts"

Find out how to better prepare for PACES and read the full account:

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