MRCP(UK) PACES - Changes to skills pass marks from 2017/1

15 Sep 2016

The most recent PACES standard setting group met in London in December 2015 in accordance with the MRCP(UK) standard review processes. This standard setting group determined that the PACES skill pass marks will change from 2017/1 onwards.

The minimum acceptable total mark will remain the same at 130.

To pass PACES candidates must attain a minimum standard in each of the seven skills and also a minimum total score across the whole assessment.

The pass marks for each skill will be:


Pass mark

A: Physical Examination                                

16 (increase of +2)

B: Physical Signs                                               

14 (no change)

C: Clinical Communication                           

11 (increase of +1)

D: Differential Diagnosis                               

17 (increase of +1)

E: Clinical Judgement                                     

19 (increase of +1)

F: Managing Patient's Concerns                                

10 (no change)

G: Maintaining Patient Welfare                                

28 (no change)

Total score

130 (no change)


For 2017 application and examination dates please see the PACES section.


muhammad aslam

dear sir /madame,already it is too difficult to pass skills and over all passing marks are also 75.58 % so we think that it became too difficult to pass exam so kindly it should be considered to keep skill marks same .thanks regards dr rind baloch


The pass mark is reviewed every three years in order to ensure the standard is maintained.  The review process involves many experienced clinicians and is approved by the MRCP(UK) Academic, Quality Management and Research Committee.  The decision to alter the pass marks was reached using this rigorous process and will take effect on the dates specified.


Dear Dr
I wonder if you can send feedback to those who failed because this helps them especially when failure becomes more easy by raising success threshold, I have asked for my feedback long ago , please


Please contact the MRCP(UK) Central Office for PACES and provide us with your details so that we can assist you further.

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