MRCP(UK) PACES 2017/2 - Payment Issues

20 Mar 2017

MRCP(UK) Central Office are aware of the current issues regarding payment for our PACES exams. This is due to an IT issue at the College which we can assure you will be rectified as soon as possible.

We are aware of the upcoming payment deadline and we would like to assure candidates that you are not in danger of losing your PACES seat due to this issue.

As we are working hard to rectify this issue, we politely request that you do not contact us by telephone or by email, as we will not be able to process payments or provide further information until further notice.

Kind regards.



Dear RCP
I understand you have clearly told us not to email
But I have not even made a payment for my PACES 2nd diet in 2017
my rcpnumber is 175699
And the deadline is in 2 days
What if I cant pay by then? will my place be given away?


I can't payment by internet payment for MRCP(UK) PACES 2017/2. My RCP Code No: 143411.
I have tried to pay 3 different bank account . Same error.

S S C Gunatilake

I cannot pay online as there is no place to pay saying "Pay now" in Exam History page of my mrcp site. it says "Your online credit card transaction was unsuccessful. Please contact us with your credit card details to pay the examination fee" but i have not payed till now.
Please clarrify urgently as i am nearing the deadline by today


Thank you for your comment.  The IT payment issue is now fixed; if you are still experiencing problems or have any concerns please now contact by phone the PACES office for international centres on +44 (0)20 3075 1550

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