13 Dec 2016

MRCP(UK) Medical Director, Professor Andrew Elder, and International Associate Medical Director, Dr Donald Farquhar will be participating in APICON, the annual Association of Physicians of India conference, in Mumbai at end of January 2017.

The Associations of Physicians of India is a professional body of consultant physicians formed in 1944, and with over 15,000 members is the leading physicians’ fraternity in India.

Professor Elder will be presenting on the value of core bedside skills of history taking and physical examination in contemporary medical practice and Dr Farquhar will talk about PACES, the world’s largest international postgraduate clinical skills examination. They will also conduct a workshop for a group of attendees, exploring the value of high stakes assessment of bedside clinical skills in more detail.

For more information about the conference see the APICON website.

Professor Elder said, “This is the first time that MRCP(UK) has presented at APICON and we are looking forward to meeting colleagues from India, old and new, at this prestigious meeting. Our own examinations, including PACES, are well known to physicians in India, but alternative assessment systems exist in India and we look forward to learning about these and exploring ideas with colleagues who share our own belief in the continuing importance of clinical skills.”


Dr. Md. Nurul Islam

Thanks a lot for the information about APICON. If I want to attend the APICON, what is the process?


 For more information about the conference, please see the APICON website.

Dr Rajan Vashis...

Can you please suggest me procedure for applying for MRCP.
I have passed MD MEDICINE from India. In 2015.


To apply for the MRCP(UK) Part 1 Examination, please see How to apply.


Hi Dr Rajan
Me too completed MD medicine from India in 2014
Can you tell me benefits of giving MRCP if we want to learn nephrology in U.K.
Can we get any fellowship in nephrology after passing the exam


Dear Kapil, Happy New Year.

Our ‘Specialty Certificate Examinations: Qualifications to broaden your horizons’ publication will offer further information on the international credibility of the SCEs. We would also advise that you speak with your employer and relevant department/ministry of health.

For further information regarding Fellowship in Nephrology, please contact the Medical Training Initiative.


dear sir, station 2 and 4 must be audio recorded....

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