MRCP (UK) Part 1 and Part 2 Examination – 2018 exam dates now available

28 Apr 2017

The dates for the MRCP(UK) Part 1 Examination in 2018 are  –

  • Diet 2018/01 – 9 January 2018
  • Diet 2018/02 – 8 May 2018
  • Diet 2018/03 – 4 September 2018

The dates for the MRCP(UK) Part 2 Examination in 2018 are  –

  • Diet 2018/01 – 27 March 2018
  • Diet 2018/02 – 27 June 2018
  • Diet 2018/03 – 24 October 2018


Dr waseem SHAHZAD

I am Dr waseem.i am working as general physician in Saudi Arabia since 2 years Oct 2015 till date . before I had worked as medical officer in 2007-08 and radiology trainee Jan 2009-11. I have worked as house officer for 1 year July 2005-6.i worked as medical officer from Nov 2012-13 as well.i am MCPS family medicine resident as well affiliate program with college of physicians and surgeons Pakistan.can I apply for mrcp1 exam?


Hi, please send a scanned copy of your Primary Medical Qualification to so that we can advise you on your eligibilty for the Part 1 written examination.


If I want to take MRCPI for Obstetrics and Gynecology, how I should proceed?


Hi, we would advise that you contact the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

dileep kumar

Good day,
I am qualified family physician, having FCPS-family medicine, MRCGP-International. I want to pursue my career in Geriatric or palliative care. Am I eligible to appear MRCP-UK in following specialties as I have not done any training in UK??



Hi, there are no eligibility requirements for the SCEs and you are welcome to apply when the respective registration period has opened.

Njideofor Uchenna

I want to know if the May 8 2018 MRCP part 1 will hold in Accra, Ghana?


Hi, our international centre dates have now been updated. Please check here for further information on when each centre will be running for Part 1.

Sumitha Jerald

Good morning
I would like to apply for Mrcgp exam in may 2018 in Dubai.kindly let me know the contact details


Hi. for further information regarding the MRCGP examinations, please contact the Royal College of General Practitioners.


As from the earlier reports that you posted,Part 2 written examination has changed to a single day format. Contrary to that you have given the dates of exam for next year with 2 dates. Kindly rectify.

Samuel Jonas

Apologies Doctor, this was an administrative error - the dates have now been rectified. Thank you. 

Amol Vadgaonkar

Hi I have done my Dnb ( internal medicine) from I eligible to give mrcp 1


Hi, please send a scanned copy of your Primary Medical Qualification to so that we can assess your eligbility.

Dr. Asda

When will the international centers of part two exam for the 2018 diet be announced ? will they stay the same as last year ?


Hi, the international centre dates for Part 2 have now been updated.


Hello Sir, If I want to do mrcp in dermatology.. Is there a seperate dermatology paper for part 1 or its the same as general medicine?


Hi, the MRCP(UK) diploma and the Dermatology SCE are 2 separate examinations. The MRCP(UK) diploma will ask questions based on a candidates general knowledge of medicine. The Dermatology SCE will ask questions based on that specialty.


Good Day
I am trying to get the 2018 schedule for part 1 in my country (Trinidad). So I will know which diets are being offered.


Hi, the international centre dates for Part 1 have now been updated for 2018.


hello, i have completed MBBS with one year of rotatory internship in the year 2015 and am currently working as a houseman inn medicine dept. since the last one n half years. i would like to appear for MRCP part 1 this year either in may /september session, but all i want to know is it advisable for an mbbs graduate to apply for it, not holding a PG degree ?


Hi, we would advise you speak with your educational supervisor and/or training programme director (or equivalents) for guidance on whether you should apply for the Part 1 written examination.


i have mrcp part 1 since 18 may 2011 and it will expire this year. can i apply for mrcp part 1 2018 may exam?!


Hi, you will only be able to apply for a Part 1 written examination which will be held after your 7 year eligibility period has ended.

Muhammad bakhiit

Hi . I have accidently submitted application for mrcp part in 2017 but didnt submit payment . Because of that, i unable to register for mrcp part 1 in 2018.To where shall i submit the payment and if i pay, can i register for this year mrcp part 1?


Hi, you will need to pay for the Part 1 2018/01 written examination before you will be able to apply for any future examinations with us. To make your payment by card, please call us on +44 (0)20 3075 1515 or you can send us a cheque or a bank draft in payment of the fee.


HI , i had given rcp part 1 in jan 2017 , however i failed that attempt, i want to reappear in may 2018 ,In upcoming exam page- part 1 2018 is not shown in may account page? wat should be done will it show up on specified date or i would have to create a new RCP code for reapplication and rentry into part 1 , kindly advice!!


Hi, you will be able to apply for the Part 1 2018/02 written examination once the application period has opened.

Dr Samarah

Have u started mrcp Ch exam part 1 in karachi? And plz help how to apply


Hi, for further information regarding MRCPCH, please contact the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.

palash bortamuly

Can i appear in MRCP part 2 first and then MRCP part 1??


Can I take part 2 before part 1 mrcpch


MRCP(UK) Part 1 Written must be taken and passed first.  Your 7 year eligibility period will begin on successfully passing MRCP(UK) Part 1 Written, you can then progress onto MRCP(UK) Part 2 Written and PACES and you take these two examinations in any order.

Dr.Faiz Ullah

Hello ... I have Made My Application For Part 1 And i also Received My RCP Code .... But For PMQ Verification Its Showing That PMQ Must Be Attested From One Of The following Authorities.... In Our Pakistan British High Comission And Embassy as well as British Council Clearly Stated that we Cannot Attest Any Degrwe which Is Not UK Based ....
But My PMQ Is Attested from Pakistam Emabassy and Ministry Of Foriegn affairs and Royal Emabassy Of Saudi Arabia and Alos My Degree is Notariized Properly .. So What can I do now ...I am ready For Exam 2018/2 diet ...will i get Eligibility my PMQ is also WHO recognized , Faimer recognized And Also IMED Recognized ....


Hi, so long as you provide us with a scanned copy of your Primary Medical Qualification, we will be able to enter you into the examination. If we have any questions about who has attested the document, we will withhold your results until we recieve the correctly attested photocopy.

muhammad bakhiit

hai, i would like to ask . If i have mrcp ireland part 1 paper ,can i use the qualification to apply for mrcp uk part 3?


Hi, we do not offer any exemptions for any part of the MRCP(UK) diploma.


Hi, if someone is arab national has received arab board qualification and is consultant pulmonologist, but wants to come work in uk- should they directly take the Respiratory medicine SCE and will then be eligible to work in uk or they will need to take all the mrcp from scratch, I.e., part 1,2 and PACES before they're eligible for the SCE, to be able to work as a consultant in UK- Simply, is the SCE enough as a stand-alone qualification to work in UK?
Thank you


Hi, for further information regarding workig in the UK, I would advise that you speak with the GMC.


do you offer any syllabus or information on where to study from for mrcp part 1 exam?
i mean is there any officialntextbooks or recommended text books for MRCP part 1?


Hi, the curriculum and blueprint for Part 1 can be found here and the sample questions can be found here.




Dear Dr, the list of Speciality Certificate Examinations can be found here and how to apply here.

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