Changes to results release for new PACES format - starting 2020/3

11 Nov 2019

As part of the introduction of the new format of PACES in September 2020, MRCP(UK) will be making some changes to the results processing and release.

When making major changes to an examination, we implement important steps to monitor the performance of the new format and to ensure that pass rates remain consistent with the previous format. Candidates can therefore be confident that they will not be disadvantaged by taking the new format of the exam. As a result of this, we will need to collate and analyse the results of a minimum of 90% of all candidates in the diet before pass marks are confirmed and results released. This means that candidates will therefore wait longer than currently for their results. The wait will vary between 3 and 12 weeks depending on when you sit in the diet. This will be the case in the 2020/3, 2021/1 and 2021/2 PACES diets.  We will ensure that candidates who are unsuccessful in their PACES attempt will be able to apply for the next sitting of PACES.

Results for the 2020/3 diet will be released in December 2020, the 2021/1 diet in April 2021 and 2021/2 in July 2021.

We would therefore advise that you consider carefully the impact this may have for you and plan accordingly. There are two more diets remaining in the current format, 2020/1 and 2020/2.

See the exam dates and fees pages for details.