Changes to JRCPTB trainee enrolment fees from 28 June 2022

13 Jun 2022

The Federation of Royal Colleges of Physicians of the UK, which represents the three physician Royal Colleges, is committed to continually improve patient care by setting and maintaining standards for the highest quality of physician training in the UK. It does this through the work of the Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board (JRCPTB).

We have reluctantly taken the decision to increase the JRCPTB enrolment fees by £3 per year, effective from 28 June 2022. This increase will apply to IMT, ACCS-AM and specialty trainees enrolling with JRCPTB from this summer and anyone who enrolled in previous years and is continuing to pay their enrolment fee on an annual basis via their chosen collegiate membership subscription.

To support trainees and to recognise not only this, but other costs incurred by trainees during their training, enrolment fees have been frozen since 2013. Operating costs to deliver our activities have continued to rise significantly both because we are continually improving our services and with inflation, which has necessitated this first increase in nine years. We are committed to reviewing our costs on a regular basis and to be as transparent as possible over our fees and how the income from these is used.

The enrolment fee is used to fund all of JRCPTB’s activities and services. This includes:

  • Administration support for you in your training
  • Ensuring JRCPTB meets its legal and operational responsibilities to the General Medical Council (GMC).
  • Continuing to develop and raise standards in physician education and training.
  • Continually improving and providing access to the ePortfolio for every IMT, ACCS-AM and specialty trainee.
  • Writing and updating the IMT and 32 specialty and sub-specialty training curricula
  • Offering advice on qualifications and career progression.
  • Providing external assessors for annual review of competence progression (ARCP).
  • Approving credit for out of programme posts, which can be counted towards a certificate of completion of training (CCT).
  • Making recommendations to the GMC for your enrolment on the specialty register at the end of training
  • Working with deaneries/local offices and the GMC on quality-managing training programmes.
  • Supporting national recruitment for the specialties and IMT

More information can be found in the factsheet ‘How we support your training’.

Overview of new fees from 28 June 2022:

Stage of training Option 1: Upfront payment Option 2: Subscription/Collegiate Membership
Internal Medicine Training/ACCS-AM Training Fee increases from £507 to £516; ie £3/year for the 3 years of training Initial fee to JRCPTB increases from £338 to £344 followed by a further instalment of £172 collected via collegiate membership for the trainee’s chosen college.
Higher Specialty Training – not completed IMT Fee (ST3 -ST8) increases from £845 to £860 

Initial fee to JRCPTB increases from £169 to £172 followed by four further annual instalments collected via collegiate membership

Higher Specialty Training – completed IMT Fee increases from £676 to £685 Initial fee increases from £169 to £172 followed by three further annual instalments collected via collegiate membership


The fees are published each year with the latest fee information.