2017/2 UK PACES Application Period: 27 March - 10 April 2017

22 Mar 2017

MRCP(UK) would like to remind candidates that the application period for UK PACES 2017/2 will be opening at 00:00 (BST) Monday 27 March 2017. The application period will be open for two weeks, closing at 23:59 (BST) Monday 10 April 2017. Below is some information that will assist your application to PACES.

Provisional applications

You can apply for a future PACES diet (subject to normal eligibility requirements) if you have an outstanding result from a current attempt, or if you have not yet sat your current attempt.

If you have applied and paid for a future attempt and you are successful in your current attempt, you will be automatically withdrawn from your future attempt and will receive a 100% refund.

If you are unsuccessful in your current attempt and have paid for a future attempt, you will remain registered for the future attempt.

Important Visa information for Non-UK trainees

Non-UK applicants should only apply to PACES in the United Kingdom if you have or will be able to obtain a visa to enter. If you are unsure about the United Kingdom’s visa regulations, please contact the local embassy. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a visa before the examination. You will not be entitled to a refund if you are not able to attend their examination due to a visa-related issue or if you cannot travel to the allocated examination venue.

Choosing your payment method for Non-UK trainees

Please remember if you choose to pay by cash or cheque/bank draft at the time of submitting your application you cannot change to pay online at a later date.

We recommend choosing to pay online even if you intend to send a banker’s draft/cheque. You can still send a banker’s draft or cheque, but this way the pay online option is always available to you in case your situation changes.

Withdrawing your application

If you wish to withdraw your application, please contact your respective College of Entry to request this. If you withdraw your application before the application period closes, you are not liable for the application fee.  Please be reminded that as per the MRCP(UK) Regulations, once the application period has closed you are liable for the full examination fee. You will be required to make payment before the advertised payment deadline. Any outstanding fees will remain on your MRCP(UK) account and you will not be able to make an application to any future MRCP(UK) examinations until the full fee is paid.


Nawshirwan Rashid

Dear, MRCP UK PACES Exam team
Kindly, I tried to apply to sit PACES in UK now, but I couldnt, I,m grateful if you can remove my previous over sea PACES application in my account so as I can reapply again for UK centers, I,m asking you to provide me with a seat because I tried at first minute of opening of this diet but the site didnt allow me to apply??


Dear Sir,

I have been trying to apply for PACES at UK centre since sharp 12AM as my application at International centres was not accepted... Unfortunately its appearing as "You are already associated with the examination and may not reapply"

Please help us in this regard...



All unsuccessful applications from candidates for international spaces have now been deleted. 

This issue should now be resolved but if you are having further issues, please telephone or email the PACES office.

Dr.Kiran Prasad...

My MRCP RCP ID is 318185
I have applied for PACES exam on UK centers on 2017/02 diet .
I got a email that i have to pay the fees by april 10, but it hasnt stated if my application is accepted or not,
Also my MRCP(UK) web portal doesnt shows my application status and the payment link to pay online..
What should be done next?


Thanks for your question. If you call the PACES team on +44 (0)20 3075 1550 they will be able to confirm the status of your application.

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