What to expect on examination day

Before the examination day:

  • Check the location of your exam venue, detailed on your admission document
  • Plan your route to the venue, leaving plenty time for any possible transport delays
  • Print a copy of your admission document
  • Check that the name on your admission document matches the name on the forms of ID you will present at the examination
  • Contact MRCP(UK) with any name discrepancy queries well in advance of the examination day
  • Re-read the MRCP(UK) Regulations, in particular Sections 4 - Candidate responsibilites and 6 - Attendance at the MRCP(UK) Part 1 and Part 2 Written Examinations.

On the examination day:

  • Arrive at the venue at least 30 minutes before the exam starts
  • Be at your desk at least 15 minutes before Paper 2 is due to start
  • Be prepared to store any bags, coats and electronic devices (including mobile phones and pagers) away from your desk
  • Bring enough food and drink for a 3-hour examination (candidates sitting the exami in Lahore, Pakistan cannot take food or drink into the examination)
  • Place any food and drink on the floor under your desk, so invigilators have a clear view of your examination question booklet and answer sheet at all times
  • Bring appropriate warm clothing as we may not be able to regulate the examination venue temperature to suit all requirements
  • Ensure you bring lunch refreshments, as appropriate. You may not be able to buy any close to the exam venue
  • Be prepared to show your ID before the start of each paper
  • Leave your admission document easily accessible, for collection by an invigilator during the final paper
  • Listen to and follow all instructions given by the Chief Invigilator
  • Leave all stationery on your desk when each paper ends
  • Remain quiet when leaving as other candidates may still be working.

On the examination day do not:

  • Bring any stationery or calculators to the examination, as we supply all required stationery - 2B pencil, pencil sharpener and eraser
  • Write any notes on your admission document - all notes should be made in your question booklet
  • Wear a hood during the exam, as you will be asked to remove it by the Chief Invigilator.