21 Feb 2017

MRCP(UK) Central Office is currently unable to take payment details over the phone. However, there are a variety of other ways to make a payment for an MRCP(UK) examination.

10 Feb 2017

MRCP(UK) is committed to supporting all candidates and trainees and improving their examination experience. This new report displays information on the overall examination and topic performance with demographic statistics, scores distribution and much more. We hope that the additional information is useful and will help candidates to understand more about the required standard of the examinations and be better prepared.

10 Feb 2017

Results for the MRCP(UK) Part 1 2017/01 examination have been released. To view a full breakdown of your results please log on to your online account. Once you have logged in go to Exam History in the My MRCP(UK) area. Candidates who have not yet

6 Feb 2017

Candidates are advised the application period is open from 06 February 2017 until 24 February 2017.

Late applications will not be accepted for any reason.

2 Feb 2017

We understand that having to have PMQs attested within 12 months prior to making your application can pose an issue. As a result, we have made the decision to remove the need for the attestation to be dated. Your PMQ must still be attested by one of our recognised bodies as per Section 5.6 of our Regulations but no longer need have a date stamp.

4 Jan 2017

A new candidate conduct page has been created on the MRCP(UK) website to provide candidates with more information about the misconduct policy. The page explains: