13 Jun 2022

Some candidates are not able to apply to the PACES International 2022/03 diet – we are looking into this error and will be updating each candidate once it has been resolved. Please be assured seats are allocated at the end of the application period this will not impact your chance of getting a seat.

7 Apr 2022

The MRCP(UK) examination regulations have been updated to reflect recent changes to PACES following the return to the pre-COVID exam format as well as some minor changes to infection control guidance from the 2022/2 diet.

These amendments have been made to section 4.7.

The updated version of the regulations can be found here.

29 Mar 2022

We are pleased to announce that the PACES examination in the UK will revert to the pre-COVID, five station, format from the 2022/2 diet. 

This means that there will no longer be a two mini cycle format, and all stations will be run on a face-to-face basis. Candidates will still, however, be expected to have a negative lateral flow test on the day of the exam, to use the PPE provided at centres and to adhere to the local infection control guidance.  

28 Mar 2022

The prioritisation criteria for places in UK PACES centres have been updated for the 2022/2 diet. The return to the pre-COVID format of the examination enables us to offer an increased number of examination spaces in this diet. In recognition that many applicants who are not in a UK training post have had to wait a significant length of time for a PACES space, the revised criteria prioritise such candidates, along with those trainees who require full MRCP(UK) for entry to an ST4 post in 2022.

2 Mar 2022

The MRCP(UK) examination regulations have been updated following review by the MRCP(UK) Management and Policy Board.

Amendments have been made to section 4.6, covering conduct in the online regulations. These specifically cover:

  • Candidates taking breaks during the examination
  • Technical disruption to webcam or screenshare feeds

The updated version of the regulations can be found here.

22 Feb 2022

Due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases in the region, the PACES examinations in Singapore centres, due to take place 4-7 March 2022 have been postponed.

Rearranged dates will be confirmed and announced shortly. Candidates will be automatically transferred to the new dates once confirmed.

We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause.

26 Jan 2022

Our next live Twitter Q&A is on Tuesday 1 February 2022.

Tweet us between 3 - 4pm and our Medical Directors will be on hand to answer all your Part 1, Part 2, PACES or SCE exam related questions.

Follow @MRCPUK here.

11 Jan 2022

MRCP(UK) continues to closely monitor COVID-19 infection rates and the impact this may have on upcoming PACES exams. The examination departments of RCPE, RCPSG and RCP remain in close contact with their host centres and, at present, exams are scheduled to proceed without alteration to previously communicated dates. However, circumstances can rapidly and unexpectedly change, and this may affect exam delivery. We appreciate that this will be a concern for candidates, and we will do everything in our power to maintain PACES exams during the ongoing pandemic.