7 Mar 2023

There will be four broad prioritisation categories (see below) for allocating candidates living and working in the UK to available PACES places.

25 Jan 2023

I’d like to apologise for the concern caused this week by the delay in release of the results of the 2022/4 diet of the MRCP(UK) Part 2 examination. We did email all candidates around the world to advise of the delay, but I appreciate that this was at short notice.

We understand that waiting for examination results is a stressful time, and delay can amplify that stress. I know too that knowledge of results can aid planning of the next steps in training and careers and the timing of leave requests.

23 Jan 2023

MRCP(UK) no longer requires any individual attending a PACES examination centre to complete a health questionnaire or perform COVID testing prior to their attendance.

Standard infection control measures will however remain in place and as a minimum will include strict adherence with hand hygiene guidance and the wearing of face masks. Some centres may require additional measures, and candidates and examiners will be expected to adhere to any additional measures notified to you on the day of the examination.

23 Jan 2023

During our quality assurance procedures for the 2022/03 PACES diet results we identified a small number of discrepancies between the marks recorded on the marksheets from the examination and those recorded on our electronic systems and subsequently issued to candidates.

13 Jan 2023

The MRCP(UK) Part 1 2022/04 exam results have now been released.

Candidates can view them in their MyMRCP(UK) accounts here.