19 Aug 2019

The newly improved and updated PACES carousel will go live for the 2020/3 diet in September 2020.

19 Aug 2019

The Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh is having a PACES 2020 Update for examiners and candidates on the evening of 19 September at the College Conference Centre. The update starts at 6.00pm and will be finished by 7.30pm.

The event will be streamed across a number of remote centres. Details are available through the website link below.

14 Aug 2019

We would like to reassure all candidates affected by the closure of banks during the Eid holidays that they will have until 23 August 2019 to provide payment for their 2019/3 UK PACES application.

Candidates should make payment via the payment link provided previously as soon as they are able to do so.

22 Jul 2019

We are aware of technical issues that affected the opening of 2019/3 PACES

2 Jul 2019

All Fast Track places have now been filled and there are no more available spaces for the 2019/2 exam. 

13 Jun 2019

The application period for the 2019/03 PACES international diet is open from 17 June – 1 July 2019. We would like to advise candidates that during this busy application period we will be unable to discuss the status of your application and request that you do not contact us regarding this.

13 Jun 2019

Due to the ongoing political instability and incidents of associated violence in Khartoum, Sudan, we have taken the unfortunate but necessary decision to cancel all MRCP(UK) examinations planned to take place in the country until the end of the year. This means that remaining 2019 diets of the Part 1 and Part 2 written exam as well as the clinical exam, PACES will not be taking place. 

12 Jun 2019

The Federation of the Royal College of Physicians UK travel expenses policy has been updated to reflect feedback from our stakeholders travelling on Federation business.  

This policy is designed to provide the most convenient solution to travellers while ensuring cost effectiveness for the organisation.  We also wish to acknowledge the contributions and concessions by the NHS which enable clinicians to conduct activities on behalf of the Federation.

21 Mar 2019

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Stuart Hood as the new associate medical director for clinical examinations for the Federation of the Royal Colleges of Physicians. In accordance with the responsibilities of his role, Stuart will become the chair of the MRCP(UK) clinical

14 Mar 2019

The Federation of the Royal Colleges of Physicians of the UK is delighted to announce the successful launch of the MRCP(UK) PACES examination in Aga Khan University’s Medical College (AKU), Nairobi, Kenya. This is the first location in Sub-Saharan Africa to offer the exam and the 25th MRCP(UK) international PACES centre. This follows the introduction of the MRCP(UK) Part 1 written exam in October 2018.

4 Mar 2019

During the June to August 2019 PACES

25 Jan 2019

The Federation of Royal Colleges of Physicians of the UK is looking for new Consultant and Trainee members for the Scenario Writing Group. This work involves producing new scenarios for the PACES Examination.

To apply for one of these positions send a covering letter and CV to The closing date for the positions is 25 February 2019.

For more information please click here.



21 Jan 2019

We are pleased to announce that the General Medical Council (GMC) has approved our proposed changes to the MRCP(UK) PACES examination.

Dr Ken Dagg, Medical Director for Assessment said "Approval from the GMC is a welcome outcome and endorses our plans to ensure that our clinical examination continues to reflect the best clinical practice and maintains the highest levels of validity and reliability."

The new format, which will be introduced in 2020 includes the following: