How to apply

Candidates are advised to apply online through their My MRCP(UK) online accounts.

PACES application video

To see how to apply for an international centre please watch this video:

The process for applying to a UK centre is similar, however, UK trainees will be asked to pay for the place on application.

If you are unable to make an application online, please contact the relevant College of Entry and request for a paper application form. Previously saved or stored paper applications will not be accepted, you must contact the relevant College of Entry for the most recent version.

If you are applying to sit the examination in Hong Kong, further details of how to make an application can be found here.

PACES application process

This diagram shows the timeline and stages of the PACES application periods.

PACES application process


Before applying for PACES

Read through the candidate guidenotes about how to complete a PACES application.

To speed up your application make sure you have details of your training and work history available for the last 12 months: hospital names and addresses; dates of courses and dates of previous PACES attempts.

Check that you have the correct login details for your My MRCP(UK) online account. If you cannot remember your login details, contact your college of entry or Central Office to reset these.


You must have passed the Part 1 written examination within the last 7 years before taking PACES. We would advise that you have at least 2 years’ clinical experience working in hospitals following award of your primary medical qualification. To find out when the best time to attempt PACES is please read our guidance.

Applications will not be accepted from candidates whose Stage 2 eligibility periods have expired.

From 1 January 2014 the Limit on attempts policy came into force, find out if this applies to you:

If you need to submit an additional attempt form, make sure this is submitted to your college of entry 1 week prior to the application period opening.

Provisional applications

If you have not yet sat or received your results for your current attempt at PACES you are still able to submit a provisional application to the next diet of PACES. If you then pass your current PACES attempt, your provisional application will be automatically removed and you will receive a 100% refund of any fees paid for the unused attempt.

Provisional applications can be submitted in the usual method online via My MRCP(UK). Candidates must still apply during the application period and late applications will not be accepted.

Applying for an international centre

The international application period opens before the UK application period, therefore if you are not allocated an international space you then have an opportunity to apply to take PACES in the UK.

The application period is open for 2 weeks, it does not matter when you apply - there is no first come first served rule.

We advise candidates to only apply to centres where they are able to obtain an entry visa as refunds will not be permitted for candidates withdrawing from an examination due to visa-related issues.

Please note some international centres have local prioritisation rules whereby only applications from local trainees of the country of residence are accepted.

How to apply online

Main steps to applying online:

  1. Log into your My MRCP(UK) account
  2. Check that all your personal details are up-to-date
  3. Fill in details about whether you are training in the UK or not
  4. Choose where you would like to take PACES  – you can choose up to four locations but you do not need to choose all four (please check centre details for local prioritisation rules)
  5. Complete any special arrangements where applicable (see details below)
  6. Fill in details of the past 12 months hospital work history including where you have taken PACES  or attended a PACES course
  7. After filling in all the relevant details submit your application.
  8. You do not pay until it has been confirmed you have a place. An incomplete item will be automatically placed on your account, no further actions are required until your place has been confirmed.

What next?

You will find out within 2 weeks of the closing date of the application period whether you have a place at one of your centre choices.

Next steps for successful applications to international centres:

  1. You will receive an email informing you that you have been successful which will include a link for online payments
  2. Pay for your place within 2 weeks
  3. You will be allocated a place at a centre
  4. Once payment is accepted you will receive admission details of your exam centre and date within 6 weeks of the date of the assessment
  5. Visa support letters will be automatically sent out to all successful candidates

Next steps if your international application has been rejected:

  1. Apply online for a UK place*
  2. Follow the same procedure as previously but you can request a preferred area and timeframe
  3. You will be informed by email if you are successful within 1 week of the application period closing
  4. Non-UK trainees are only required to pay after their application has been accepted
  5. If you do not pay your application will be rejected
  6. You will only be informed of your exam venue and date after payment has been completed. Admission documents are sent out a minimum of 6 weeks prior to examination date
  7. Visa support letters will be automatically sent out to all successful candidates

*We advise candidates to only apply to UK centres if they are able to obtain an entry visa as refunds will not be permitted for candidates withdrawing from an examination due to visa-related issues.

Applying for a UK centre

UK PACES places are prioritised for UK trainees; any remaining places are then allocated to non-UK trainees on a first come first served basis. Apply online via your My MRCP(UK) account and remember late applications are not accepted.

Processing of applications

UK trainees are required to complete payment for their examination fee at the time of submitting their applications, whereas non-UK trainees are only required to complete payment after their place has been confirmed.

If any of the three colleges have an oversubscription of applications; candidates may be transferred to other colleges to be accommodated.

Admission documents are sent out a minimum of 6 weeks prior to examination date.

Special arrangements

Visa support letters

All non-UK trainees applying to sit PACES in a UK centre may request for a visa support letter and this will be sent from their college of entry after their examination details have been confirmed.

Medical conditions/ Access support

Candidates requiring special arrangements due to medical conditions should submit supporting documentary evidence to their college of entry; the documents should be emailed as scanned attachments.

Information about date and location requests

Candidates can  request a preferred area and timeframe when submitting their application. These requests should be included in the ‘Other’ section under Special Arrangements (step 5 of 9 of the online application).

Candidates are reminded that they should keep their requests as broad as possible to enable us to accommodate them; all requests are considered on a case by case basis and no requests will be guaranteed. If your request is based on medical or compassionate grounds, it must be supported by documentary evidence.

If you are allocated an examination date that is unsuitable, you should contact your college of entry when you have received your admission document to find out if it’s possible to transfer to another centre. Please note that we cannot guarantee a transfer and you should be prepared to travel anywhere within the UK.

Problems paying?

If you are experiencing problems with competing an online payment via your My MRCP(UK) account, contact your college of entry or Central Office.

Please remember if you choose to pay by cash or cheque/ bank draft at the time of submitting your application you cannot change to pay online at a later date.

If you wish to pay by cheque/ bank draft, please post this to your college of entry or Central Office. Please include on the back of the cheque/ bank draft the following:

  • RCP Code Number
  • full name
  • date of birth
  • examination diet
  • examination centre.

International applicants only

If you wish to pay by bank transfer, please ensure you inform Central Office after the transfer has taken place.

Application status - what does it mean?

  • Application Received – your application is currently being processed
  • Application Accepted – your examination space is confirmed
  • Application Not Accepted – your application has been rejected due to oversubscription

Incomplete status

  • Your online credit card transaction was unsuccessful - please contact us with your credit card details to pay the examination fee – this incomplete item is automatically placed on all applications that haven't been confirmed and candidates should not be alarmed.