Exam day

How to prepare for exam day

Before the examination day:

  • Review the MRCP(UK) PACES regulations
  • Print and check your admission documents
  • Plan your route to the exam centre allowing time for any possible transport delays
  • You must bring photographic identification with you on the examination day; we require appropriate ID to be an official document which contains your full name, signature and photograph. For more details see the FAQ.
  • The name on your admission document must match the name on the forms of ID you will present; contact us with any name discrepancy queries well in advance of examination date.
  • Confirm leave or cover arrangements.

On the day (pre-exam):

  • Arrive at the test centre at least 1 hour before the examination is due to start; refer to the reporting time on your admission document.
  • You may have to store any bags, coats and electronic devices in a separate room.
  • Declare any personal medical equipment to the host before the start of the examination. The host centre will supply all required medical equipment.
  • Dress appropriately in a smart and professional manner and in accordance with any dress code in force at the hospital where the exam is being held.
  • You will be required to examine patients, so avoid tight, restrictive or excessively flowing clothing that makes it more difficult for you to carry out a physical examination satisfactorily.
  • At stations 1,2,4 and 5 you will be expected to communicate with the patient or surrogate, so be aware of anything that might make it more difficult for you to demonstrate empathy and understanding eg facial veil or dark glasses. If you do not clearly demonstrate these abilities, examiners will mark the corresponding skills as unsatisfactory.

For further information on what to expect during the examination, please refer to the candidate guidance notes.