How to complete your application

When you apply for the ESE your application may be incomplete for one of the reasons below. This information is provided to help you ensure your application is completed successfully.

1) Payment of the examination fee

You can opt to pay using either of the options below:

Credit/debit card: To re-attempt the payment online, please login to your My MRCP(UK) account and go to ‘Exams history’. There will be a pay now button which will allow for you re-attempt the payment online. If your payment online is not successful, please speak with your bank and then re-attempt the payment online.

To make a payment over the phone you will need to provide the 16 digit card number, expiry date (month/year) and the 3 digit security code (on the back of the card). Please contact MRCP(UK) Central Office to give your card details over the phone.  Payments will be processed using a secure payment system and card details will not be stored by MRCP(UK).

Please note that in order to comply with UK law we cannot accept credit/debit card details sent in emails/via the contact form on this website, either in the body text or as attachments. If you do send card details in this manner it is entirely at your own risk. Card details received in emails or as attachments will be immediately deleted and payments will not be actioned. Card payment can only be made online via the application system or by telephone. 

2) Declaration Form

Candidates with constraints on their practice should go to this page to complete an online declaration form as soon as possible.