Glossary beginning with S

Definitions for commonly used terms in postgraduate medical education
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SAS doctors

Specialty and associate specialist (SAS) doctors are non-training posts for doctors in UK hospitals. The doctor has at least four years of postgraduate training, two of those being in a relevant specialty. The current post is called a specialty doctor.

Synonyms: specialty and associate specialist

Special arrangements

These are requests concerning arrangements on exam day such as visa, access requirements and medical issues. This includes any reasonable adjustments you may require which covers physical disability, specific learning disability or any other condition that you believe may disadvantage you.


Specialty training posts are specific to the UK training system and do not affect applications for international trainees. They are NHS training posts in specific specialties following on from core medical training (CMT). For specialties related to internal medicine, the grade runs from ST3 (year 3 of specialty training) up to ST6 (year 6 of specialty training). Most UK trainees take the SCE when they are nearing their final year of specialty training.

Synonyms: year 3 of specialty training


In some parts of the PACES examinations, the patient’s role is played by an actor, healthcare professional or volunteer - this is a surrogate.

Synonyms: surrogate