Glossary beginning with P

Definitions for commonly used terms in postgraduate medical education
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The Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board (PLAB) test is overseen by the GMC, and determines whether a doctor has the necessary skills and knowledge to practise medicine at an FY2 level in the UK.

Synonyms: Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board

Primary Medical Qualification

For UK graduates, the Primary Medical Qualification (PMQ) is a first medical degree that is recognised by the GMC. The GMC provides a list of accepted PMQs.

For doctors who gained a medical degree outside the UK, the university or medical school where the PMQ was taken must be on the World Health Organisation’s World Directory of Medical Schools. You must provide evidence of your PMQ when applying to take Part 1.

Synonyms: PMQ, primary medical qualification


A proposer is an educational supervisor or supervising consultant who is responsible for a candidate’s training.