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Definitions for commonly used terms in postgraduate medical education
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Form of faith

Once a candidate has passed all three parts of the MRCP(UK) Diploma, before membership can be awarded, the candidate must satisfactorily complete the Form of Faith. This confirms the doctor is in good professional standing, and agrees to uphold specified standards of professional development and conduct of the Royal Colleges of Physicians. MRCP(UK) Diplomas will not be issued until the signed Form of Faith has been received, processed and deemed to be satisfactory.

Synonyms: Form of faith

Foundation Years

In the UK, directly after graduation from medical school, the first step of internal medicine training is two years of foundation training in a UK hospital. Sometimes this term is shortened to FY1 or FY2 (for Foundation Year).

So an FY1 doctor is in their first postgraduate training post. Most UK candidates take their MRCP(UK) Part 1 examination during this period.

Synonyms: foundation years, FY1, FY2