Glossary beginning with C

Definitions for commonly used terms in postgraduate medical education
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The PACES examination consists of five stations. Candidates will start at any one of the five stations, and then move around the carousel until they have completed the cycle.

Synonyms: PACES carousel


The Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) is awarded by the GMC. It is given to doctors who have completed an approved UK training programme, and are eligible to join the UK register for general practice or a specialty.

Synonyms: Certificate of Completion of Training


The Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration (CESR) is awarded by the GMC. It is given to doctors who have gained the necessary knowledge, skills and experience outside an approved UK training programme, but are eligible to apply for the UK specialist register.  The specialist register is a list of doctors who are legally entitled to take up honorary, substantive or fixed term consultant posts in the NHS.

Synonyms: Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration

Clinical station

These parts of the PACES examination assess the candidate’s practical skills such as examining a patient and interpreting clinical signs. These are stations 1, 3 and 5.

Clinical supervisor

In UK training a senior physician who is responsible for overseeing the clinical work of a doctor in training. The clinical supervisor gives constructive feedback on that work during a training placement. Some training schemes appoint an educational supervisor for each placement. The roles of clinical and educational supervisor may then be merged.

Synonyms: clinical supervisor


Core Medical Training (CMT) follows on from the foundation years (FY1 and FY2). It is a two-year programme covering general and acute internal medicine. So CMT1 doctors are in their first year of this programme and CMT2 doctors are in their second year. Most candidates attempt the MRCP(UK) Part 2 Written and PACES examinations while they are in CMT. 

Synonyms: core medical training

College of entry

For MRCP(UK) PACES, candidates sitting in the UK must apply through one of the three colleges in the Federation. The colleges process the examination applications. For internaitonal PACES places this is MRCP(UK) central office. For the other examinations please see administrative office.

Synonyms: College of entry


This is an additional form of written feedback for a PACES candidate, which has been completed by the examiners. It happens when there is a concern about poor performance overall, or about patient welfare. 

Synonyms: counselling


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is any learning outside undergraduate education and postgraduate training, which helps to maintain and improve performance. CPD includes all learning activities, both formal and informal, by which doctors maintain and develop the quality of their professional work. Physicians who design, deliver and oversee the quality of our examinations may count this work towards their CPD requirements.

Synonyms: continuing professional development