PACES scenario writers

PACES Scenario Writers for Station 2 and 4

Become a Scenario Writer

You can support MRCP(UK) with the production of Station 2 and 4 scenarios for the MRCP(UK) Part 2 Clinical Examination (PACES) by becoming a member of the Scenario Writing Group (SWG).

The SWG meets up to twice a year and members are required to submit three scenarios for either station 2 or station 4 ahead of each meeting. At the meetings, the scenarios are peer reviewed in small groups so members have an opportunity to get feedback on their work, and to comment on the work of others.

Following the meetings the new scenarios are reviewed by the SWG Chair and members of the Scenario Editorial Committee (SEC); those scenarios that are considered to be appropriate are added to the scenario bank for use in future PACES examinations. If a scenario is not considered to be ready to add to the bank, the SWG member will be given feedback to enable them to make revisions and develop their writing skills. All members receive training and guidance as part of their involvement in the SWG.

Responsibilities of an SWG member

Scenario writers are responsible for:

  • generating station 2 and 4 scenarios for the PACES  as directed by the Chair of the SWG and the SEC.
  • ensuring that the academic objectives in terms of scenario writing and producing assessment materials for the PACES are met.
  • assisting in any review of the scenario writing process to ensure sufficient scenarios of quality are produced for the examination.

Consultant members of the SWG are appointed for five years, and trainee members are appointed for three years (or until completion of specialist training or appointment as a Consultant).


Being a scenario writer is a highly rewarding experience; the peer review process gives members the opportunity to share practice with physicians from different specialties, and at different stages in their careers. The meetings provide a valuable chance to network and reflect on your clinical experiences, which we advise writers to draw upon when writing scenarios. More broadly, contributing to the station 2 and 4 scenario bank is an important way of passing on learning and expertise, setting the standard for future physicians. All SWG members are awarded CPD credits for attendance at meetings.


In order to apply to be a member of the SWG you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Hold MRCP(UK) (desirable)
  • Be a Collegiate Member or Fellow in good standing of one of the Royal College of Physicians of the UK
  • Be GMC registered with a licence to practise and in good standing
  • (UK only) Participate in revalidation, including annual appraisal in current post, and adhere to CPD requirements
  • (UK only) Have undergone equality and diversity training within the past three years
  • Be able to attend the meetings of the SWG (held in Cheshire and London, England) and take on work between the meetings

Example scenarios and other information

Examples of station 2 and 4 scenarios can be viewed on the sample scenario section.

All personal expenses to cover the costs of attending SWG meetings will be met by MRCP(UK) in line with the Federation expenses policy.

How to apply

All vacancies for the SWG will be advertised on the MRCP(UK) website. If you wish to submit an expression of interest when there are no vacancies available please feel free to email the Scenarios Co-ordinator, at