International local examiners

PACES examiner opportunities for non-UK Fellows at international centres

There are limited opportunities for non-UK fellows to become a PACES examiner at an international centre. The Federation lead examiner and the local Examination Coordinating Committee at each international PACES centre are responsible for balancing the local panel of examiners with regard to clinical specialties, college of fellowship and ability to host the examination at an approved local hospital. Each Federation lead examiner and local Examination Coordinating Committee must ensure that each examiner assesses at least 30 candidates each year. The number of examiners must relate to the number of candidates being examined at that centre. Therefore, any fellow interested in becoming a PACES examiner at an international centre must be supported by the local Examination Coordinating Committee of that centre through the Federation lead examiner sponsoring the application before it is submitted to MRCP(UK) central office.

MRCP(UK) central office wishes to ensure that the majority of examiners at international PACES centres are local to that centre to enable them to contribute to the organisation of the examination i.e. finding patients, writing local scenarios, hosting etc.


To be eligible to become an internationally based PACES examiner you should comply with the general criteria for becoming a PACES examiner. The criteria can be found here.

Time requirement

To become a PACES examiner you must:

  • carry out examining duties or examine at least 30 candidates per annum (averaged over 2 years) i.e. a minimum of 2/3 days examining per year

  • refresh your examiner training if you are unable to take part in the required number of cycles over 2 years.

How to apply

If you are interested in becoming a PACES examiner and already have the support of the Federation lead examiner at a particular centre please follow the below steps. Please note unfortunately we cannot accept applications that have not been supported by a Federation lead examiner and would ask you instead to contact

  • Complete the International PACES examiner survey

  • If the PACES federation lead is not one of your referees, he/she must send their approval to MRCP(UK) central office either by email to

  • The two referees supporting your application must be fellows of one of the royal colleges of physicians of the United Kingdom and at least one should be a current MRCP(UK) PACES Examiner. We will contact them to ask them for a reference so please make them aware. 

  • Please note that the applicant and the referees must be in good standing with their college of fellowship.

If you would like to learn more about PACES examining please contact the PACES office or visit the PACES examiner pages.