Expense claims

You may be aware that the RCP London has recently reviewed and updated its travel policy. In order to prevent any confusion for our partners, which include clinicians, lay representatives and staff working on behalf of Federation, it has been agreed that travel bookings will continue in accordance with the previous RCP london travel policy until a new travel expenses policy for Federation activities has been developed and implemented. 
We will ensure that you are kept informed of any changes to the travel policy and when the new Federation-specific policy is implemented. Bookings made prior to this implementation will be honoured in accordance with the previous RCP travel policy.

The colleges reimburse examiners' reasonable travel and subsistence expenses, and accommodation; full details are on the relevant expense claim form. Receipts must be submitted with your claim.

For PACES examining within the UK, please complete the claim form of the college hosting the examination:

If the expense system is not working please contact the London College.  

For PACES examining outside the UK and for all MRCP(UK) board and question writing meetings you should: