Chair examiners

As chair of examiners you will need to ensure the smooth running of the exam and provide leadership during the exam.

Preparation for the day

On the day

  • Conduct the briefing meeting in the morning.The PowerPoint presentation to be used has essential information for examiners and should include the latest exam hot topics.
  • Conduct post-cycle discussions where you ask examiners if they encountered any issues with the cases or candidates and note any incidents or issues on the centre audit form (UK only).
  • Review candidate scores on the eCPS with all examiners and ensure discussion sheets are completed for candidates of concern in line with the MRCP(UK) guidance.
  • Remind examiners to complete scenario assessment forms for Stations 2, 4 and 5 after cycles 2 and 3.

Ensure that the following documents are completed and sent back to the College:

  • All eCPS documents for the exam day(s) – via email
  • Centre audit form (UK only)
  • Centre incident form for each examining day (UK only)
  • Trainee examiner forms
  • Station 2, 4 and 5 assessment forms
  • International Chair’s report (International only).

*With the introduction of PACES23 from the third diet of 2023, please note that relevant chair examiners information can be found here.