The current outbreak of COVID-19 is a rapidly changing situation and so we have created this information hub to support examination candidates, trainees, trainers and consultants who need to maintain and record their continuing professional development.

Below you will find links to the latest guidance, advice and resources in the areas of MRCP(UK) examinations, training and CPD.  We will continue to update and develop these pages to support you as the situation develops.

Exams updates

11.01.22 UK PACES exam update


17.12.21 2022/1 UK PACES and COVID-19

16.11.21 UK PACES Prioritisation Criteria 2022/1 diet

29.10.21 Extension of eligibility period due to COVID-19 restrictions

28.09.21: PACES exams update

23.08.21: Cancellation: MRCP(UK) Part 1 in Sri Lanka

23.08.21: Cancellation: MRCP(UK) Part 1 in Jamaica

23.07.21: 2021 MRCP(UK) regulations published

19.07.21: UK PACES Prioritisation Criteria – 2021/3

19.07.21: PACES and the removal of social distancing in England

21.06.21: MRCP(UK) Part 2 2021/2 - cancellation in Colombo, Sri Lanka

16.06.21: MRCP(UK) Part 2 2021/2 - cancellations in India

25.05.21: PACES exams update

25.05.21: Written exams update

04.05.21: Cancellation of Part 1 exams in Bangladesh

30.04.21: Cancellation of Part 1 exams in India

30.04.21: Cancellation of Part 1 exams in Pakistan

21.04.21: MRCP(UK) PACES in India

19.04.21: PACES exams update

19.04.21: Written exams update

08.04.21: 2021/2 UK PACES information

01.04.21: Prioritisation of candidates in UK training for PACES 2021/2 diet

22.03.21: Written exams update

22.03.21: PACES exams update

08.03.21: COVID-19 Antigen testing (Lateral Flow Tests)

08.03.21: Written exams update

08.03.21 PACES exams update

22.02.21: Written exams update

22.02.21: PACES exams update

17.02.21: Access to MRCP(UK) Part 1 and Part 2 Written Examinations for UK candidates

08.02.21: Written exams update

08.02.21: PACES exam update

25.01.21: Written exams update

25.01.21: PACES exam update

12.01.21: Important statement about UK PACES examinations

11.01.21: Written exam update

11.01.21: 2021/1 MRCP(UK) Part 2 to run completely online

08.01.21: Why we had to cancel the Part 1 examination in physical centres in the UK

07.01.21: Important update on the MRCP(UK) Part 1 Examination in the UK on 12 January 2021


14.12.20: Written exam weekly update

14.12.20: PACES exam weekly update

07.12.20: Written exams weekly update

07.12.20: PACES exam weekly update

03.12.20: Updated regulations for candidates sitting online examinations

30.11.20: Written exams weekly update

30.11.20: PACES exam weekly update

25.11.20: Prioritisation of candidates in UK training for PACES 2021/1

23.11.20: Written exams weekly update

23.11.20: PACES exam weekly update

16.11.20: Written exams weekly update

16.11.20: PACES exam weekly update

10.11.20: UK PACES cancelled centres

09.11.20: PACES exams weekly update

09.11.20: Written exams weekly update

02.11.20: PACES exams weekly update

02.11.20: Written exams weekly update

26.10.20: PACES exams weekly update

26.10.20: Written exams weekly update

19.10.20: PACES exams weekly update

19.10.20: Written exams weekly update

12.10.20: PACES exams weekly update

12.10.20: Written exams weekly update

30.09.20: Additional November date announced for MRCP(UK) Part 1 written examinations for UK candidates

16.09.20: New COVID-19 guidelines for UK PACES in 2020

16.09.20: Part 1 online exam

04.08.20: Recommencing MRCP(UK) Part 2

17.07.20: Applying for UK PACES 2020/3

17.06.20: MRCP(UK) clinical and written examinations to restart this Autumn

05.06.20: 2020/3 MRCP(UK) Part 1 - updated application dates

04.06.20: Delays issuing MRCP(UK Diplomas

01.06.20 SCE dates from September now confirmed

22.06.20: Extension of eligibility period during COVID-19 restrictions

25.03.20: Transfer and refund information for cancelled exams

Training and trainee progression

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Continuing professional development

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