MRCP(UK) develops and delivers 15 postgraduate medical examinations. All of these evidence-based examinations are mandatory for UK trainees and important benchmarks for postgraduate medical education worldwide. Some 20,000 candidates sit them every year. These numbers, along with the internationally respected quality of the examinations, make for a huge undertaking that would not be possible without the people who design, deliver and oversee the MRCP(UK) and Specialty Certificate Examinations (SCEs). It is crucial to ensure that the examinations are shaped by physicians who reflect NHS medicine at its best and represent the workforce, in terms of gender, ethnic diversity, age, specialties and experience.

There are hundreds of people working very hard behind the scenes to make the examinations a success. Staff coordinate logistics and support essential academic activities to deliver examinations that are truly world class. Customer service underlies everything we do.

Clinicians give their time and expertise to write questions and scenarios for the examination, and serve on the examining boards that guard academic rigour. In hospitals and clinical centres across the UK and around the world, teams of clinicians and administrators provide the highest standard and best possible experience for physicians taking the clinical examination.

We are always looking for new recruits to join this dynamic and qualified team. Visit our Get Involved page to find out what opportunities are available.