How we make a quality exam

MRCP(UK) develops and delivers membership and specialty examinations that are recognised around the world as quality benchmarks of medical knowledge and clinical skills. Good examinations play an important role in the protection of patients by ensuring that doctors have the appropriate high level of knowledge and skill. They also give every doctor a fair chance to demonstrate his or her level of ability - no matter when or where the examination is taken. Achieving this requires sound procedures and input from numerous experts.


The examinations are shaped by physicians who reflect medicine at its best and represent the diversity of the profession.


Robust, evidence-based processes and procedures support the development and delivery of examinations that are truly world class.

Right decisions

A robust structure of governance protects the quality and reputation of the examinations and good decision making is supported by a strong evidence base.


High standards ensure high quality patient care. We provide high quality assessments that meet regulatory standards for physician specialist training in the UK.