30 Jan 2015

MRCP(UK) is recruiting a new Associate Medical Director for Quality to succeed Professor Trudie Roberts, who is stepping down in May 2015.

29 Jan 2015

MRCP(UK) is looking to appoint a new membes to the Endocrinology & Diabetes Specialty Certificate Examining Board.

29 Jan 2015

MRCP(UK) is looking to appoint a new member to the Gastroenterology Specialty Certificate Examining Board.

28 Jan 2015

MRCP(UK) is looking to appoint a new member to the Rheumatology Specialty Certificate Examining Board.

26 Jan 2015

A new slide pack aims to highlight essential information for examiners and provide a framework for the briefing presentation on the day of the examination.

While consistency of PACES delivery is important this is not intended to replace local approaches that may already work well, but to enhance them, and provide support for those involved in the examination.

19 Jan 2015

The Federation of Royal Colleges of Physicians of the UK is seeking to appoint a new member to the MRCP(UK) Scenario Editorial Committee (SEC), which is responsible for preparing the standardised scenarios for Stations 2 and 4 in each examination diet.  We are looking to appoint a Nephrologist.

19 Jan 2015

MRCP(UK) is seeking to appoint two trainee representatives to the Board responsible for overseeing the development and quality of its examinations.  MRCP(UK) regards trainee involvement in the management and organisation of its examinations as essential.

Successful applicants will become full members of the committee, and actively participate in its work and projects. They will be expected to promote the viewpoint of trainees in the development of the overall strategy and policy of the MRCP(UK) and Specialty Certificate Examinations.

16 Jan 2015

MRCP(UK) is looking to appoint a new Nephrology member to the MRCP(UK) Part 2 Written Examining Board.

16 Jan 2015

The Chair’s Letter and Hot Topics provides a useful resource for PACES examiners ahead of the forthcoming examination and is now available on the MRCP(UK) website.


16 Jan 2015

The international application periods for the MRCP(UK) Clinical Examination (PACES) 2015/02 and 2015/03 are now available.

Candidates who wish to apply for the PACES examination are advised to visit our Exam dates and fees web page for further information.


14 Jan 2015

The Specialty Certificate Examination in Neurology blueprint has been updated.

Significant changes have been made to the neurology blueprint to view the details of the blueprint see the SCE in Neurology section:



7 Jan 2015

The results of the MRCP(UK) Part 2 Written Examination 2014/3, held on 10 and 11 December 2014, are now available.

Candidates who have a MyMRCP(UK) account may check their results within the 'Exams History' section of their account. Candidates who do not have a MyMRCP(UK) account should create one here.

Results letters are available to print from the ‘Exams History’ section of MyMRCP(UK)

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