31 Oct 2014

The successful applicant will assist the Chair and Medical Secretary in the running of the Part 2 Written examination to ensure that all academic objectives and standards set by the General Medical Council are met; attend annual meetings of the Board, convened to set examination papers; review candidate performance in the most recent diet; assist with the development of the Part 2 examination; act on the advice of the MRCP(UK) Management Board and Examining Boards on policy and academic matters relating to the Examinations; and support MRCP(UK) Central Office on the delivery of the Examina

31 Oct 2014

The Specialty Certificate Examination in Nephrology blueprint has been updated.

Two headings have been revised: 'Acute kidney injury, acute renal replacement therapy, disorders of fluid and electrolytes and acid base' and 'Urological presentations including renal stone disease, urinary tract infection and obstruction'.

To view the details of the blueprint see the SCE Nephrology page.

27 Oct 2014

MRCP(UK) Central Office would like to advise candidates that PACES will not be held in Kuwait and is currently unlikely to be held in Al Ain during the 2015/1 assessment period.

This is due to unavoidable circumstances at both the local centres.

Any candidates who have applied already and chosen Kuwait or Al Ain as an option on their initial applications have now been contacted directly be email, with instructions on how to proceed.

24 Oct 2014

MRCP(UK) is recruiting a new International Associate Medical Director to replace Dr Lawrence McAlpine, who is stepping down in February 2015 and a new Written Associate Medical Director to replace Dr John Mucklow, who is stepping down in April 2015.

23 Oct 2014

October 2014

Please note that the PACES Fast Track application dates have been amended to coincide with the change in the main PACES application period.

Fast Track applications should be made via the SurveyMonkey link between 2pm on Monday 24 November and 2pm on Monday 1 December. The link to the application form will appear on this page.

Please note that the Fast Track application period is shorter than the main PACES application period.

22 Oct 2014

The latest version of the MRCP(UK) Regulations is published and effective immediately.
Key changes are:
• To reflect the recent change to the form of faith, candidates who have completed the MRCP(UK) Diploma and are applying to membership no longer need a proposer.

22 Oct 2014

MRCP(UK) Central office is pleased to announce that a new online application system is being launched for international centres.  This will be available from the 2015/1 application period and follows the successful introduction of the online system for UK centres last year.

There will now be one application period for all centres.  The 2015/1 application period opens on Monday 27 October 2014 and will run for two weeks.

15 Oct 2014

The way in which new entrants to the Part 1 examination must submit attested copies of their primary medical qualification (PMQ) has changed. Candidates will no longer need to send hard copies of PMQs to their respective administrative office, and will instead need to send scanned copies of attested PMQs via email.

Scan and email your documents to, using the following guidelines:

14 Oct 2014

Management board has confirmed that fees will not increase for the MRCP(UK) examinations in 2015. Fees will remain the same for all three parts of the MRCP(UK) Diploma examination and all of the Specialty Certificate Examinations (SCEs). This decision was taken in the knowledge that the financial environment is difficult for NHS trainees and that we aim to keep the examinations affordable for international candidates.

9 Oct 2014

Statistical equating was successfully introduced into the MRCP(UK) Part 1 and Part 2 written examinations in 2008 and 2010. Professor Chris McManus’ paper describes equating as a process with higher predictive validity than the previous Angoff/Hofstee standard setting, providing a robust standard-setting method, with a better theoretical foundation than judgemental techniques such as Angoff.

For more information please see our Research page.

9 Oct 2014

MRCP(UK) is providing trainees applying for ST3 posts in 2015 an opportunity for an additional attempt at the PACES examination during the January to April 2015 PACES assessment period.  This is one of the initiatives MRCP(UK) has introduced to aid trainees’ career progression and support run-through training.

The PACES Fast Track 2015 scheme is only available to candidates applying for an ST3 post in Spring 2015. It will enable a number of candidates who are unsuccessful in their initial PACES attempt to have a further attempt within the same assessment period.

3 Oct 2014

The results of the Specialty Certificate Examinations in Infectious Diseases and Medical Oncology are now available on the website. To find out your result please sign in to My MRCP(UK).

Candidates who have been successful will receive their official certificate in approximately six weeks time.

2 Oct 2014

The results of the MRCP(UK) Part 1 Written Examination 2014/3, held on 9 September 2014, are now available.

Candidates who have a MyMRCP(UK) account may check their results within the 'Exams History' section of their account. Candidates who do not have a MyMRCP(UK) account should create one here.

Results letters are available to print from the ‘Exams History’ section of MyMRCP(UK)

2 Oct 2014

MRCP(UK) is delighted to announce that from 2015 we will run more written examinations in Myanmar. MRCP(UK) Part 1 examinations will run in all three diets and MRCP(UK) Part 2 Written examinations will run in diets one and three. Please visit the Part 1 or Part 2 sections for examination dates in 2015.

25 Sep 2014

Following a recent review it has been decided to remove the proposer element from the Form of Faith which means the form no longer needs to be signed by an appointed proposer before submission to the relevant College.
A new version of the form is now available on the MRCP(UK) website for completion and submission via email to your respective College.

For more information see here:

• Form of faith

23 Sep 2014

MRCP(UK) has produced some guidance for candidates who will be sitting the upcoming PACES examinations. This includes advice on what to do before the examination, as well as what you can expect at the venue on the day of the examination:

We hope this will help you in the days leading up to the examination. If you have any questions about this information please contact us.

19 Sep 2014

The latest edition of the Chairman’s Letter and Examination Hot Topics is now available via the PACES Examiners page.

As well as providing essential updates on various PACES issues for examiners ahead of the forthcoming diet starting in late September, it also includes a special supplement with Hot Topics for international examiners for the first time.

19 Sep 2014

The Specialty Certificate Examination in Rheumatology blueprint has been updated. The allocation of questions has changed. The number of questions tested under Paediatric and adolescent rheumatology is now 15 and Adult infection, neoplasia and miscellaneous is 15.

To view the details of the blueprint see the SCE in Rheumatology page

16 Sep 2014

Research commissioned by MRCP(UK) has confirmed that the Diploma examinations are seen as a reliable benchmark against which to assess junior doctors’ basic competence and their fitness to start specialty training. The aim was to understand the views of trainees, clinical and educational supervisors, clinical and training directors, and postgraduate deans and ensure MRCP(UK) continues to meet the needs of UK training. Findings and next steps are published alongside the full report.


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